We are trying to find the Canadian equivalent report to a USA Report called: NCRP Report No 147 (National Council of Radiation Protection and Measurements) For Structural Shielding design for medical x-ray imaging facilities.

There is no direct Canadian equivalent to NCRP Report No. 147. While you may find the dose limits and other requirements that are applicable in Canada in the Health Canada Safety Codes, or in the appropriate provincial legislation, there is no Canadian document that lays out the methodology of calculating x-ray shielding in the detail that you find in NCRP 147.  In fact, many Canadian documents, such as the Health Canada Safety Codes themselves, simply have references to NCRP 147 or its precursor, NCRP 49.

This is the case for many of the NCRP documents. For example NCRP 151, which describes shielding design for megavoltage radiotherapy facilities, is commonly used inCanada, although Canadian dose design targets must be substituted wherever American targets are referenced in the report.


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