I am a newly qualified radiographer in another country, where I was required to obtain a radiography degree in order to work in my profession. I am considering emigrating to Canada. Is further education or training necessary for me to work as a radiographer in Canada?

In Canada, by law, anyone performing industrial radiography or operating an exposure device must hold a valid Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) Exposure Device Operator (EDO) certification. The following webpage contains information on the requirements for certification, timelines, costs and copies of the application form and guide.

An individual must be certified through the CNSC, regardless of whether or not he/she is certified as an EDO in another country. However, the CNSC will assess each EDO application on a case-by-case basis and may consider alternative types of education, training and experience if they are clearly equivalent to those specified in the application guide.  When applying for EDO certification in Canada, we recommend you included a letter from your current employer and/or the training institution you attended, outlining the training you’ve received and your related work experience, including the types of equipment you are qualified to operate.


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