We would like to implement a radiation safety & education program related to the hazards of radiation for our employees. We are an industrial workplace and while we do not have any specific radiation at our worksite, our employees do visit other work sites where these types of hazards may exist. Do you have a document we can review with our staff to assist us in giving the correct information?

It appears that what you need is a good, high level overview of the basic concepts of radiation and radiation safety.  We suggest you start by reviewing the presentation on the CRPA “Learning Centre” under the “Resources” tab on the CRPA website.

Another good introductory reference can be found on the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) website in the “Reading Room” section, under the heading “Topics – Radiation”.  The CNSC website also has an Educational Resources section for school teachers, which may be of interest.

Health Canada also maintains an excellent introductory overview on radiation, which includes links to more detailed information on special topics such as radon and ultraviolet radiation.


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