My company conducts activities under two Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission licences, one for storage of fixed gauges and another for distribution of nuclear substances. We were wondering if you could suggest any types of related training courses which would be beneficial to us with respect to these licences.

Your CNSC licences require that staff working with radiation devices or nuclear substances receive radiation safety training.  In general terms, this includes:

1.   Your Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) should have some type of formal RSO training.

2.   All “authorized users” (i.e., anyone who will be working directly with the gauges or handling the radioactive sources) must take a radiation safety training course. This course may either be “in-house”, or from an external radiation safety consultant.  It must include topics such as basic radiation safety precautions, CNSC regulations and storage and security requirements. It also must address the radiation safety related policies and procedures specific to your company’s operations.

3.   Any support or auxiliary staff who do not work directly with the gauges or sources, but who may be required to work in the immediate vicinity or are otherwise peripherally involved, should receive basic radiation safety “awareness training”.  This is typically at a much lower level than the training required for authorized users.

4.   Any person who prepares, consigns or receives packages containing nuclear substances will require a Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) training certificate which specifically covers Class 7 (radioactive) material.  Again, this training may be provided in-house or through one of the many commercial TDG training consultants.

The general CNSC expectation is that refresher training on these topics be provided every few years.  Servicing of fixed gauges or other radiation devices requires additional training, but servicing requires a separate CNSC licence.  It would not be permitted under your current licences.

CNSC document G-313, “Radiation Safety Training Programs for Workers Involved in Licensed Activities with Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices, and with Class II Nuclear Facilities and Prescribed Equipment“, contains guidelines for developing in-house training programs for workers.

There is a list of companies on the CRPA website under the “Membership” – “Corporate Members” tab. Many of these companies offer these sorts of training courses.  Please visit their websites or contact them directly for detailed information regarding the courses that they offer.


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