I am interested in a career as a teacher of the Certified Exposure Device Operator course, and am looking for information on how to get started.

There are no specific regulatory requirements for EDOinstructors.  Anyone setting up a new program would have to contact the CNSC with details of the program, as the exam does have to be “recognized” by the CNSC.  This requirement, along with other requirements for the EDOcertification process, are described in CNSC Guidance document G-229.

The onus is on the training institution or trainer to provide the Personnel Certification Division (PCD) of the CNSC with documentation demonstrating how their curriculum satisfies the requirements of G-229 Appendix A, sections A1 to A-13.  Anyone interested in the Certification of Exposure Device Operators should refer to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) website.

Links to a few of the companies that teach the CEDO course are also listed below. You may wish to get in touch with them to see if they have any additional information.  These would also be some of the institutions that might potentially be interested in hiring CEDO course instructors.


Canadian Institute for NDT

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology


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