Name: Sandu Sonoc

Field: Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation protection

Current job and location: Senior Radiation Safety Officer and Laser Safety Officer at the University of Toronto

What do you do?

The Senior Radiation Safety Officer (SRSO) is the administrator of the radiation safety and laser safety programs at the University. The SRSO is the signing authority for the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Licence issued to the University of Toronto. Is the University’s contact with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Ontario Ministry of Labour, Ontario Ministry of Health, Health Canada, International Atomic Energy Agency and other international and national or foreign agencies for problems connected with radiation safety. The SRSO is responsible for promoting a high standard of safe practice within University’s laboratories which handle radioactive materials, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation emitting devices and lasers, and in all areas under the University’s control in which hazardous level of ionizing or non-ionizing (electromagnetic field – EMF, or ultraviolet –UV) radiation may be present and in promoting a radiation safety culture within the University.


What is a typical day for you at work?

       Answer e-mail and phone messages related to the administration of the safety programs

       Correspondence with CNSC, MOL, Health Canada, etc.

       Help other RSOs from the university in solving day by day problems related to radiation safety

       Visit the labs

       Teaching radiation safety and laser safety courses


What is the best part of your job?

       I enjoy teaching radiation and laser safety

       Hazard analysis of radiation and lasers applications involving extensive calculations


What skills or abilities are important for your job?

       Understanding radiation and laser physics and hazards

       Knowledge of acts and regulations connected with ionizing and non-ionizing radiation in Canada/Ontario

       Understanding university/research culture

       Management

       Oral and written communication