Membership in the Association is open to individuals with appropriate training who are actively engaged in some aspect of the science and practice of radiation protection. We draw from numerous scientific and technical areas, including:

• Regulatory bodies
• Research Establishments
• Universities
• Power Utilities

• Hospital/Medical Centers
• Industrial Applications
• Consultants
• Uranium Mines and Refineries

The annual fee includes a subscription to the Bulletin and a discounted registration to the CRPA annual conference and workshops.

Membership Classes

The membership of the Association is comprised of four classes:

A full member shall:
• Have graduated from an accredited university or have recognized equivalent scientific, technological, or professional qualifications or in exceptional cases have equivalent training.
• Have been engaged in some form of radiation protection activities for at least one year;
• Be regularly engaged in one or more appropriate aspects of radiation protection at the time of their application for membership in the Association.

Fee/Dues: $141.59 plus 13% HST  Total = $160

Associate Members lack the necessary qualifications for Full Members, but:
• Are engaged in a field of endeavour related to radiation protection, or
• Whose interests in radiation protection make them desirable as an Associate Member.

Fee/Dues: $141.49 plus 13% HST  Total = $160

Students members are individuals who are in full time study in a field which would eventually qualify them for admission as Full Members of The Association and who each year submit proof of their student status. Student members who renew their membership as a Full Member after graduating are eligible for a reduced membership fee for their first year.

Fee/Dues: $26.55 plus 13% HST   Total = $30

Corporate Membership is open to organizations whose interests in the field of radiation protection are such as to warrant a formal connection with the Association.

Fee/Dues: $619.50 plus 13% HST   Total = $700



Member Application Form

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