In order to ensure that the operations of the CRPA run smoothly, we have established a number of Committees. Each one performs a very important function within the Association, and is completely formed of volunteers from the membership. We are always looking for more members to volunteer on any of the committees. If you are interested, please contact the Secretariat.


Professional Development / Développement professionnel
Director / Directeur: Chris Malcomson


Registered Radiation Safety Professionals / Professionnels de la radioprotection agrees

The role of this committee is to oversee all aspects of the management of the registration and maintenance process.

  • Jeff Dovyak, CRPA(R) (Chair/président / Western representative/ représentant de l’Ouest)
  • Jean-Pierre Gauvin, CRPA(R) (Québec representative / représentant du Québec)
  • Brandon Hardy,, CRPA(R) (Maritimes representative / représentante des Maritimes)
  • Diana Moscu, CRPA(R) (Ontario representative/ représentante de l’Ontario)
Registration Subcommittee / Sous-comité de l’agrément
  • Jeff Dovyak, CRPA(R) (Chair/ président)
  • Christopher Malcolmson (Exam Coordinator/ coordonnateur des examens)
  • Lamri Cheriet, CRPA(R)
  • Susan Yeung, CRPA(R)
Maintenance Subcommittee / Sous-comité du maintien
  • Brandon Hardy, CRPA(R) (Chair/ président)
  • Vani Ranganathan, CRPA(R)
  • Hoa Ly, CRPA(R)
Special Projects Subcommittee / Sous-comité projets spéciaux
  • Tanya Neretljak, CRPA(R)
  • Jean-Pierre Gauvin, CRPA(R)
Conference Committee / Comité des congress

Although there is a local organizing committee for the conference each year, the CRPA Conference Committee serves as a sort of umbrella group which lays down guidelines and rules that must be followed each year. This ensures some consistency between the conferences, provides a foundation for a new local committee to build upon, and ensures that lessons learned from previous conferences are applied to future events.

  • Liz Krivonosov (chair/ président)
  • Board Liaison – TBD
  • Ralph Bose, CRPA(R)
  • Jeff Fleming, CRPA(R)
  • Maryam Shirmohammad
  • Ali Shoustarian, CRPA(R)
  • Susan Yeung, CRPA(R)
Students and Young Professionals / Étudiants et jeunes professionnels

We recognize the importance of students in maintaining and growing the organization, which is why there is a committee devoted entirely to student affairs. This group works to increase student membership in the organization and to provide them with resources that will help them in their students and future careers. They also administer the annual Anthony J. MacKay Student Paper Contest. Read the SYPCOM Terms of Reference here.

  • Dave Niven (acting Chair)
  • Zahra Chandani, CRPA(R)
  • Edna Sacay
Professional Development / Comité du développement professionnel

Read the PDC Terms of Reference here

  • Trevor Beniston, CRPA(R)(Chair/ président)
  • Joe Cortese, CRPA(R)
  • Sandu Sonoc, CRPA(R)
  • Edward Bump

Communications / Communication
Director / Directrice: Grant Cubbon


Communications / Communication

The Communications Committee is responsible for promoting the CRPA as the expert voice of Canadian radiation safety professionals. The committee also ensures the availability of public information on radiation protection and promotes and understanding of all aspects of radiation. Read the Communications Committee Terms of Reference here.

  • Dave Niven (Chair/ président)
  • Ralph Bose, CRPA(R)
  • Kellie Franz
  • Roger Hugron
  • Chester Neduzak
  • Tanya Neretljak, CRPA(R)
  • Scott Nichelson
  • Jeff Sandeman
Bulletin Editorial Board / Comité de rédaction du Bulletin

Our Bulletin Editorial Board is responsible for the official CRPA bulletin, which is published at least quarterly. Aside from the editors, the team consists of subject matter experts from a wide range of fields within radiation protection.

  • Grant Cubbon (Chief Editor/rédacteur en chef)
  • Leona Page, CRPA(R) (Deputy Editor/ assistante rédactrice en chef))
  • Michele Bolton (Bulletin Publisher/ Productrice du Bulletin)
  • Sue Singer (CRPA Secretariat/ Secrétariat de l’ACRP)
Translation / Traduction

Our Translation Committee is responsible for translating articles, communications, documents and abstracts from French to English and English to French in accordance with the  CRPA Language Policy.

  • Carole Savoie (Chair/ Présidente du Comité)
  • Roger Hugron
  • Pierre Lavoie, CRPA(R)
  • Valérie Phelan, CRPA(R)
  • Manon Rouleau
  • Nathalie Ritchot, CRPA(R)
  • Leah Shuparski-Miller
  • Laurent Tantôt

Internal Affairs / Affaires Internes
Director / Directeur: Mike Stoicescu


Membership / Recrutement

The role of the Membership Committee is to promote membership, both individual and corporate, in the CRPA. They are also responsible for assessing membership applications against the established criteria.

  • Ralph Bose, CRPA(R) (Chair/ président)
  • Joe Cortese, CRPA(R)
Recruitment Subcommittee / Sous-comité du recrutement
  • Ralph Bose, CRPA(R) (Chair/ président)
  • Lamri Cheriet, CRPA(R)
  • Jeff Sandeman
Archives / Archives

Our archivist holds the entire history of the CRPA – from photographs to memorabilia to previous issues of the CRPA Bulletin. This can take up a lot of room, so the move is being made to digitize as much as possible to better organize and preserve our history.

  • Sunil Choubal (Head Archivist/ archiviste en chef)
 Nominations / Nominations

The role of the committee is to identify candidates for each Board of Directors position to be filled for the annual election. Candidates are identified from a list of potential candidates submitted by committee members and the general membership.

Potential candidates should be drawn from all geographical areas and range of disciplines to ensure that the concerns of all CRPA members may be addressed.

  • Joe Cortese, CRPA(R) (Chair/ président)
  • Debbie Frattinger, CRPA(R)
  • Gary Hughes
Rules / Règlements

This group advises the Board of Directors on the implications of any proposed changes in the By-Laws or Rules of the Association, and provides advice on any procedural matters referred to it by the Board of Directors.

  • TBD
Finance Advisory Group / Groupe consultatif sur les finances

Read the Finance Committee Terms of Reference here.

  • Manon Rouleau (Chair/ président)
  • Ali Shoustarian, CRPA(R)
  • Hoa Ly, CRPA(R)

External Affairs / Affaires Externes
Director / Directeur: Donata Chaulk


International Liaison / Liaison international

The International Liaison maintains or create active, bi-directional liaison with international associations with similar goals or objectives to those of the CRPA. Read the ILC Terms of Reference here.

  • Adelene Gaw (Chair/ président)
  • Chris Clement
  • Jing Chen
  • Chunsheng Li
  • Leah Shuparski-Miller
CRPA Position Statements / Déclarations publiques de l’ACRP

This group is responsible for establishing formal CRPA positions on relevant radiation protection issues. Read the Position Statements Terms of Reference here.

  • Dave Niven (Chair/ président)