Le Congrés 2017 de l’ACRP – Saskatoon, SK

(classés par ordre alphabétique par sujet – en anglais seulement)

CRPA Conference 2017 Program.pdf




A Novel High Dose Rate Research Irradiator Design Analysis Spencer Mickum
Achieving Industry Best Practices in Radiation Protection Kristi McBlain
ALARA Program at Canadian Light Source Grant Cubbon
Banning Bananas from the Great Lakes and other Fantastic Ideas Neil Alexander
Baseline Measurement of NORM in the Agriculture soil of the UAE using High-Resolution Gamma Spectometry Rajaf Ajaj
Breast Seed Localization – an RSO Perspective Jon Aro
Calibration of TLD Chips using Cs-137 Aravind Ravichandran
Closure of Uranium Mine Waste Facilities Using Multilayer Granular-Bentonite Cover Systems Jeff Fleming
CLS – Non-Nuclear Energy Worker Does Limit Exceeded Darin Street
Confining Radiation Dose for Dual Energy Seroscopic X-ray Imaging Mike Sattarivand
CRPA Share – 2017 Update Leah Shuparski-Miller
Design & Development of a Radon Calibration Chamber for Canada Jason Sadowski
Detection of Early Radiation Damage to the Eye-Lens of Rainbow Trout Marta Kocemba
Development of Software for Visualizing the Effect of Location & Occupancy Factors when Calculating External Exposure from Deposited Radionuclides Margarita Tzivaki
P2-Wed-AM-main-McRobbie Discussion Paper about Human Performance Helen McRobbie
Emergency Response to Transected I-125 Seed Charlie Janicki
Evaluation of GammaGuard Radiation Measurement System for First Responders Kal Kalatesch
Evaluation of Scatter Effects on In-air Irradiation of TLD Badge Dosimeters Ernesto Mainegra-Hing
Gray as an Impractical Radiation Dose Unit Chary Rangacharyulu
ICRP: Looking Ahead to the Next Term 2017-2021 Christopher Clement
Identifying Success Factor for RSOs to Enhance CNSC Oversight Paul Matthews
Implementation of REGDOC-2.12.3 Security of Nuclear Substances: Sealed Sources Craig Thompson
Installing Canada’s First Brainlab Vero Sterotactic RT System M. Peter Petric
IInternational Guidance of Radiation Emergency Management Edward Waller
IRPA – Strategic Program 2016 – 2020 Christopher Clement
Laser Incident Involving a Beam Splitter Sandu Sonoc
Licensing Process Reform for Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices Licences Peter Fundarek
Management of NORM in Western Canada Gary Hughes
Measurement of the Beta- and Gamma-ray Spectra at the Bruce Power and Ontario Power Generation CANDU reactors Matthew Wong
Monitoring the Brightest Light in Canada Jerri Parkinson
Nuclear Propulsion in Space Nick Sion
Optimization of LR115 Type-II Film-Etching Procedures Evan Knouse
Personal Dosimetry at CLS Brian Bewer
Public Consultation on CNSC’s Regulatory Framework Susan Fundarek
Radiation Safety Following the Death of Patient Implanted with Sealed Radioactive Sources and the Role of the RSO Jahan Quaji
Residual Radioactivity Following Medical Procedures: Guidelines for Management of the Deceased Rachel Timmins
Role & Recent Activities of CRPA’s International Liaison Committee Adelene Gaw
Role & Recent Activities of the FPTRPC Alan Du Sautoy
Shielding Factors for Traditional Safety Glasses Malcolm McEwen
Small Modular Reactors – Are they the wave of the future? Alan Waltar
The Conversion of a Low Energy Radiotherapy Bunker to Accommodate a High Energy Medical Linear Accelerator Craig Beckett
The Legacy of the Cold War – Cleaning up Abandoned Uranium Mine Sites in North Saskatchewan David Sanscartier
The Little Lungs Project – Testing for Radon in Saskatchewan Homes Jenna Smith-Windsor
The LNT Controversy: Is Low Level Radiation Really Harmful? Dr. Allan Wallar
Understanding and Influencing Risk Tolerance Dave Fennel
Updated Contact Dose Rate Conversion Factors for Encapsulated Gamma Sources Eric Heritage
Use of Personal Protective Equipment in an X-Ray Room at a Veterinary Teaching Hospital Monique Mayer
Validation of the MEDRAD Intego PET Infusion System in the Clinical Nuclear Medicine Setting Mark Weir
Verification and Clearance of Decommissioning Waster & Buildings at CNL Whiteshell Laboratories Roderick Lim
What Do Doctors say about Ionizing Radiation? Dale Dewer
What Is Old Is New Again Peter Fundarek – CNSC