Congratulations to the Winner of the 2018 Anthony J. MacKay Award !


Humza Nusrat

Ryerson University

Department of Biomedical Physics (PhD)

A novel method for resolving the energy spectrum of a radiation beam using doped plastic scintillators.pdf

Previous Winners

2017 – Aravind Ravichandran, University of Saskatchewan; A Comparison of Cs-137 and X-Ray Sources as Calibration References for Thermoluminescent Dosimeter Chips

2016 – Zahra Anjomani, McMaster University:  Neutron Responses of a Novel Multi-element Microdosimetric Detector and Its Potential for Dosimetry.

2015 – Hongyan Sun, University of Manitoba: Turning Noise into Numbers: Simultaneous estimation of the radioactivity distribution and electron density map from scattered coincidences in PET

2014 – Rohan Ram and Ian Steadman, UOIT: Determination of Activation Products and Resulting Dose Rates for the Varian TrueBeam R03

2013 – Aaron Chester, Simon Fraser University: Monitoring rainwater and seaweed in southwest and central British Columbia, Canada reveals long-distance transport of I-131 following the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan

2012 – Steven Bartolac, University of Toronto: Fluence Field Modulated CT: Potential for Dose and Noise Optimization in Thoracic Imaging Applications

2011 – Lenora Makin and Chad Shew, UOIT: Design of a Portable Alpha Detector for a Radiation Triage Mask

2010 – Bibi N. Fajurally, McMaster University: Development of an Activated Thulium Source for the in vivo Measurement of Hg in Humans Using XRF

2009 – Matthew Howland:  Biological Effects of Alpha Particle Exposure in Human Monocytic Cells